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She stood on the unpaved and broken tennis court, waiting attentively to receive the tennis ball from her sister. Their racquets were old...their shoes weren't fact, they had holes in them!  Their shorts weren't Nike, Adidas, or even Puma.  They were actually cut off blue jeans. They were the best they had, but these sisters were ready to play!!! Their names are not Venus and Serena but yet they still have ambitions of tennis fame and glory.  As descriptive as this may seem, this is a true description of two of my program participants.  This, and other reasons like this, is exactly why I need your help.



Hi my name is Coach Amani Mitchell and I am the founder of TEAM B.L.U.E. TENNIS a 501c3 non-profit organization. The mission of TEAM B.L.U.E. TENNIS is to provide programs in underserved communities in metro Atlanta, GA that address the core physical, emotional and character needs of youth and families. The organization provides academic enrichment; Tennis based wellness training, and, moral based strategies that lead to a healthier lifestyle in our communities.


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A Healthy Life Style
One day a week, cut out meat

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